Holiday Photobooth

3 Reasons To Have A Photo Booth At Your Holiday Event

We’re getting into the holiday season here in Portland (well, all over the world we guess, lol) so we wanted to list out our three favorite reasons to have a photo booth at your company party. Are you hosting a Holiday Party in Portland? Here are some great reasons why you should!
1. It gives your guests something fun to DO.
We’ve all been to those parties where you end up sitting (or standing) around awkwardly and you’re not really sure what to do (mostly because there’s nothing to do), but nope, not this year! Your guests will be laughing and hanging out around the photo booth. We’ve got props that will make anyone laugh!
Pro-tip: If you have to go to a stuffy, boring event, always grab a drink. Having something in your hands automatically makes you feel less awkward.
Holiday Photobooth
2. It gives your guests something fun to HAVE.
A keepsake for your guests! They’ll put it on their fridge, in their wallet, or on their desks at work and it’s the perfect reminder of why working for your company is such a blast! #winning
Holiday Photobooth
3. It gives your guests something fun to SHARE.
We send out an online gallery after your event so you can share the full gallery with everyone–and it makes social sharing a piece of cake. Your employees will share and share and share making your company look like the best company to work for!
Holiday Photobooth
If you want to get us locked down for your holiday party, click here. If you received this from your employee, it means they wanted to have something extra fun to do at your holiday party, so click here!
Cannot wait to celebrate with you during your holiday or winter themed event! The calendar is almost full so get your Portland holiday party entertainment booked now!
The Smirk Team

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