Smirk Photobooth is BLOGGING!

Hi friends,

We’re gonna be starting something new here on the blog:
1. It’s FINALLY visible to you all – WE ARE ACTIVELY BLOGGING! So you can see some past events and laugh at the awesome people in the photos.
2. We’re going to be focusing on a myriad of things here, not just the photos the camera takes of the guests.
So as we begin some of our new series, we wanna hear from you. What do you wanna see on our blog?
Let’s start with four fun (and random) facts about Smirk.
1. This started as a one-woman show over three years ago, simply because of my impulsiveness and a facebook ad I saw.
2. I’m actually NOT a fan of being in front of the camera and talking about things.
3. I live in Oregon, but LOVE to travel. I have family in Seattle, so when a Seattle inquiry hits my inbox, I’m a BIG YES for that right away!
4. Speaking of saying yes, (don’t hold it against me), but saying “yes” is kinda my thing…I’m always up for an adventure, I love meeting new people, and I love working on projects.
Now that you know a little more about me, tell me one fun fact about you AND tell me what you want to see on the Smirk blog.

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